Equity in education begins when we choose to disrupt it

[Efforts towards equity & inclusion begin with disruption]

Disrupter University is a consultant group focused on preparing, supporting, and training youth, educators, and other professionals committed to increasing cultural awareness, interrupting the exclusive and negative experiences of others, and sustaining engagement and a sense of
belonging across communities.

What We Believe

We are a product of how we were socialized. To disrupt the inequities and limited opportunities provided to others, we must first critically reflect on our own experiences and beliefs. Becoming more culturally aware of our self and of others is key to organizational growth and learning.


Disrupter University began as the result of research completed by Dr. Erica J. Glover. While exploring the identity of Black educators teaching in schools, the research produced key findings that should be shared among all educators in environments. Black educators, as a result of personal academic experiences during adolescence, have become Disrupters for current students. Stories shared revealed how Black teachers provide students with a blueprint to navigate through oppressive structures so that are supported academically and socially. Disrupter University is the space and platform to share the approaches and strategies of a Disrupter. Our training and resources reflect learning opportunities available to students, educators, administrators, and Disrupter trainers. We realize that life-long learning around equity and inclusion requires us to be open to learn with each other, while supporting each other along the way.

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