Preparation to Impact

For transformation within education to happen, we must be willing to disrupt negative outcomes, such as student discipline, disengagement, and classroom behavior. Disrupter University’s holistic approach begins with centering our scholars as our number one priority. Our coaching and training are developed to support the social well-being of scholars, leading them toward becoming advocates and agents of change. We also provide educators and administrators with the strategies to disrupt inequities across classrooms and school buildings. We provide culturally-responsive practices aimed at supporting scholars at all tiers of the PBIS systems. We believe that by beginning with the needs, goals, and inspirations of our students, we are positioned to provide student-centered supports. We also are focused on developing educators who are also committed to disrupting, in the name of opportunity, access, and student voice.

Our coaching is focused on three areas:


As former educators and professionals experienced with working within diverse communities, we understand the importance of building authentic relationships through the cultures and communities of our young people. We intentionally work with young people, educators, administrators, and supporting staff to develop the social well-being of young people through multi-tiered systems of support.   We aim to positively impact student engagement, discipline, and attendance.  Our coaching strategies are developed to partner with schools, as to sustain high expectations and the continued growth of young people. 


Our efforts towards engagement are twofold:  We are focused on positively changing the outcomes of underappreciated and underrepresented youth.  We understand the importance of sustaining such changes in ways that are understood and supported by all.  We purposefully seek to explore the interest and voices of young people in ways that positions them as leaders, agents of change, and civically engaged community members who actively take part in change. As a result, our supports also include opportunities to coach educators and administrators who are committed to disrupting the inequities of young people.


We understand that true connection, agency, and action occurs as a result of the opportunities to advocate, reimagine, and inspire members of a community to influence change in positive ways.  We acknowledge that key to sustaining change among young people requires us to include them within such decisions. Our goal is to prepare young people who are able to impact change within their schools, community, and lives, while also preparing educators and administrators to collaborate with communities as a strategy of learning and growing together.