How we D.I.V.E.

The D.I.V.E. is a commitment to Disrupt Inequities within Varying Experiences.  D.I.V.E. within your workplace, your community, your school, or within society.


One of the most influential indicators of teacher retention rest upon the ways in which teachers are supported and empowered to grow professionally. Regardless of the years of teaching experience, we are committed to onboard and/or support current staff with training that is framed from an equity and inclusive lens.

Our intercultural training approach utilizes assessment data to support individualized or group plans around cultural awareness of self and others. Educators and leaders will walk away with the understanding and ability to transfer such cultural awareness in a manner that is practical within the teaching and learning environment.


Disrupter University intentionally supports educators and leaders beyond the typical “one-hit wonder” approaches of training and professionally development. As the population of student demographics within education continues to change, we must also be cognizant of the ways that we need to support future teachers and current educators, who may not be prepared, comfortable, or confident in supporting students and colleagues from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. Our ongoing intercultural coaching supports are not only experienced through an equity stance, but are also aligned to expectations centered around teacher evaluations, district missions and visions, and our own Disrupter rubric.


Building a sustainable pipeline of qualified educators remains a priority for most districts and universities alike. Disrupter University is developed to help you to do just that! We believe that
teacher socialization begins during adolescence, and continues throughout one’s career. Our idea of teacher preparation lends itself to this approach. We are ready to build programs and experiences to develop current student-leaders or students interested in teaching, coaching, or leadership, by connecting them to projects specific to community issues, while working with local pre-service teachers. This approach of learning with builds critical consciousness of all participants involved. But we don’t have to stop there. Our layered approach allows for in-service teachers to participate as mentors, guiding students and pre-service teachers to become advocates, empowered to become change agents. Our model emphasizes life-long learning coupled with learning with each other.

Invest and reinvest into your own pipeline. D.I.V.E. in…


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